How To Be An Effective Seller

Price your home right.  While everyone would like to walk away with a large profit, the price you place on your home is essential. Since the first few weeks a home is on the market is the most crucial, you need to price it right immediately. If your home is priced too high you will lose exposure during the first few weeks of the listing. Of course you can always reduce it later. However, you will have lost the original listing period and your opportunity to sell quickly.

Make sure you home shows well. Look at your home from a buyer’s standpoint. Your home should be clean and remain that way for the duration of your listing. Touch up paint where necessary. Do whatever it takes to make your home look bigger. This includes de-cluttering the entire house…even the closets and kitchen drawers. Remove furniture if necessary. The bottom line is if you’re not using it, pack it up and store it away. You’re moving anyway!

Make sure your home is easy to show. When buyers are hot, they are hot! If you are called at 3pm for an immediate showing, make it happen. Chances are, your home is not the only home on the buyer’s list and the next house shown may be the one that gets the offer.

Marketing. This is key. If you are trying to sell your home on your own, chances are it is not being marketed well. You do not have access to the marketing tools that a licensed real estate agent has, plain and simple. Further, neither does discount brokers. After all, there is a reason they are discount brokers.

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